Making the Dreaded Administrative Review a Breeze

How did your last administrative review go? Was it painful or a breeze?

For most schools it’s a struggle to produce meal application documentation when the auditors arrive. Some students have multiple last names and paper gets misfiled or lost for a variety of reasons. Has this happened to you?

If so, or if you’re due for an audit, RocketScan may be the answer to your woes.

Instant Retrieval & Auditor Self-Service

RocketScan allows you to search and retrieve meal applications and other student documentation with only a few keystrokes. Simply type in names, dates, and schools and the document you seek appears on screen.

You can even provide auditors with a view that allows them to access your income verification documents directly. For the State of California, applications can be uploaded to the State audit website from the RocketScan Audit module.

The threat of reprimands or fines is no longer an issue when you can quickly and easily produce documentation for auditors, administrators or other reviewers.

Streamlining Income Verification

Not only does it streamline the processing and auditing of meal applications, but RocketScan also streamlines income verification to further make administrative reviews a breeze. RocketScan does so by allowing you to scan documents including paystubs and W-2s, then store them alongside meal applications in an electronic filing cabinet.

RocketScan Meal Application Software

RocketScan is meal application software that allows you to process up to 600 to 800 meal applications per day. RocketScan transforms meal application processing from a burden to a simple task, turning stacks of paper applications, notes and files into instantly searchable digital files with a full audit trail.

With RocketScan, we’ve processed over 3 million meal applications – with 100% accuracy. No other company has processed more. RocketScan is integrated with the following point-of-sale (POS) systems: Harris, Heartland, PCS, Mealtime, Meals Plus, Titan, and more.

Pass your next administrative review with flying colors – contact us to learn more about RocketScan today.

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