How to Transform Meal Application Processing into a Simple Task

Manual Processing = Mistakes
More Forms = More Funding

Do you still process meal applications by hand? How many meal applications can you process per day?

How many meal applications are left uncompleted and how much does that cost your school?

Overall, how much of a headache was meal application processing for you in 2017?

What If Meal Application Processing Was a Breeze?

What if you could process 600 to 800 meal applications per day without anyone on your staff having to do it? What if paper forms were no longer required?

What if all of this could be done with a system that could pay for itself in the first year of use, and not be tied to your POS system?

All of the above is possible with RocketScan and Strata Apps from Image One.

RocketScan Meal Application Software

RocketScan is meal application software that allows you to process up to 600 to 800 meal applications per day – transforming the meal application processing from a burden to a simple task.

RocketScan also offers the option of adding an online form and website for your district to allow your parents to apply from their computer, tablet or phone.

With RocketScan, we’ve processed over 3 million meal applications – more than anyone else. We ensure 100% accuracy, integrated with the following point-of-sale (POS) systems: Harris, Heartland, PCS, Mealtime, Meals Plus, Titan, and more.

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StrataApps Online Meal Applications

StrataApps takes this a step further by processing paper forms and allowing parents to fill out online forms without the investment in servers or IT staff. StrataApps comes with a website that can be customized for your districts needs so parents can apply online from their phone, tablet or computer. Strata Apps typically increases online meal application submissions by 7-10% per year.

Additionally, your StrataApps website prevents the submission of incomplete applications or inaccurate information, creating submissions that are virtually error free

We’ll even include translated versions if you qualify.

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How These Solutions Pay for Themselves

RocketScan typically pays for itself within two years because fewer people on your team are needed for processing – they can be reassigned to perform higher value activities for your school.

StrataApps pays for itself in one year because it increases funding for your school by 7-10% – not including print savings and avoided fines for missing signatures and mistakes.

What are you waiting for? There’s no reason to experience the hassle and uncertainty of manual processing ever again. There’s a better way.

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