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RocketScan is an industry standard for Meal Application and Student Survey processing. With more than 20 years of experience, Image One has been offering time-saving solutions for all forms processed across your district. RocketScan is our flagship product that supports both scanning and electronically submitted forms. Our platform streamlines data validation, decreasing time spent processing applications while maintaining audit preparedness.

Highlighted Customer Testimonials

"I love the online feature for the applications and can't wait to use it again for the next year."
Jennifer Maples, CCTO
Director of Technology at Willits Unified School District

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How does RocketScan help your school district?

Food Service Directors across the country have realized the benefits of scanning and receiving Free & Reduced Meal Applications with Rocketscan & Rocketscan Online. If you’re doing more with less, we can help!

High-Performance Features & Services

  • Process up to 3600 applications/person per day (online solution)
  • Update applications on the fly: adding, changing and moving data during validation
  • Premier services including yearly development of applications &translation services

Increase Accuracy & Improve Audit Results

  • Rocketscan automatically checks for student numbers, valid SNAP/TANF numbers, preparer’s SSN & foster child status
  • Improves your audit results with increased accuracy, comprehensive audit CDs and enhanced documentation with our “sticky note” feature


  • Affordable for districts processing around 300 applications yearly
  • In most cases Rocketscan pays for itself within the 1st year of use in labor savings alone

We’re proud that our software offers top-notch services for schools nationwide.

– Nik Collins
RocketScan’s Sales Director.

Here at Rocketscan, we strive to make our customer’s lives easier by seamlessly implementing our application software with their Point of Sale. We strive to give the best customer service and value to our customers while staying competitive in our pricing. Ask for a demo and see the difference that RocketScan can make for your district today!


Rocketscan’s Mission is to reduce our customer’s filing stress and labor. With Rocketscan, school districts input their meal applications into the software system for automated processing, or receive their applications complete & compliant over the internet with Rocketscan Online or StrataApps.

Processing Time Saved
Processing Related Stress Reduction
Customer Satisfaction

Other Education Solutions

Alternate Income Forms

More forms? We can scan your CEP, LCFF, Textbook Assistance, Income Surveys, etc. at the same time.


RocketScan Plus

With RocketScan Plus you can scan and collect information from a wide source of documents.


Custom Programming

Can't find software to meet your needs? We have talented programmers with experience in school systems.


Community Service Manager

Helps students and administrators in tracking community service opportunities.


Rocket Forms

Paperless Auditing and Reporting software for government adherence to food and safety regulations.


Industry Partners

RocketScan has teamed up with industry leading Points of Sale and others to provide our services!


Our RocketScan Team

Nik Collins
Nik comes with a diverse background having worked in several industry sectors from retail, banking, and service with experience in training, sales, management, and employee development.
Nik Collins
RocketScan Director of Sales
New Profile
Bruce Rouslin
Bruce has worked every facet of the RocketScan team since its inception. As Product and Channel Manager he coordinates our mission to deliver the best product on the market and a world class customer experience.
Bruce Rouslin
RocketScan Product Manager
Kyle Cormier
Kyle has a background in Graphic Design and Animation. He has been a part of the RocketScan team for over 15 years and has experience with state regulations and forms from throughout the nation.
Kyle Cormier
RocketScan Forms Designer


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PARENTS OF STUDENTS: This contact form is designated for Image One software sales only. Please contact your child’s school district for the correct NSLP application link for your child or if you need assistance in filling out a NSLP application.

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