RocketScan and Image One have a solution for all your scanning needs

RocketSCAN accelerates & automates your meal application processing

Speeds processing, enhances documenting & improves audit results

  • Reduces labor & stress by eliminating tedious sorting & filing
  • Increases accuracy by eliminating data entry errors
  • Ability to add, change & move data during initial validation review (based on current district rules)
  • Provides application data, status and image on comprehensive audit CDs.

Premier services at an affordable price point

Part of our comprehensive service commitment to our customers is the development of new applications for your district every year. This service ensures your applications comply with all state & federal guidelines.

  • RocketScan technical support experts are available to your staff 24 / 7 by phone or email – ensuring minimal down time
  • Applications are currently available in twenty one languages, including: Spanish, Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Chin, Chinese, Creole, Dari, Farsi, Hmong, Karen, Korean, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Samoan, Somali, Tagalog, Ukrainian Vietnamese, and Yupik.

    If you have a specific language you need that we don’t currently offer, contact our representatives and see if we can make it available to you.

Three Easy Steps

RocketScan’s three modules streamline application processing. Here is how it works:



  • Instantly recognizes invalid applications.
  • Ability to print a detailed batch cover sheet to file with applications.
  • Your staff can scan & store as many as 20,000 applications per day per scanner.
  • INR software automatically matches the student names for research.



  • All USDA & state guidelines are embedded in the RocketScan software.
  • Validates information for: Student number, SNAP/TANF numbers, Social Security Numbers, Foster status, etc.
  • Three times faster than competing solutions
  • Staff retains ability to update applications during this process.
  • Automatically creates notes for applications requiring further information.



A simple export function releases compliant applications to your free & reduced point of sale software for meal status determination

  • Ability to manage all applications in organized, sortable queues for follow up.
  • Improve your audit results with our electronic “sticky note” feature”

Instantly retrieve applications electronically

Your staff will no longer spend hours searching for & retrieving a specific child’s paper application.

  • You can answer parent inquiries about meal status or other questions in seconds – no more call backs!
  • Our electronic “sticky note” feature allows you to attach notes to applications, providing a history of the inquiry process.

Need to access the original application?

No problem! RocketScan organizes scanned applications into sequentially numbered batches. RocketScan tracks the batch location for each application, so when you need to view the original, simply pull the batch of paper applications and quickly find the one you need.

  • But trust us, when you can view and print any application on your computer in seconds, you won’t be looking through paper documents any longer!

Affordable quality without the sacrifice

RocketScan has the highest level of software functionality & service in the industry. Our solution offers many features our competitors don’t have at a comparable price point.

The best part is that your investment in RocketScan pays for itself within the first year of use. RocketScan is the ultimate solution for your budget and business needs, and as a bundled solution, there are no hidden charges.

You have the freedom to install RocketScan on an unlimited number of workstations. RocketScan is compatible with most free & reduced software packages.

Processing on the fly

Validators can update applications on the fly, dramatically reducing the amount of applications that need second review. RocketScan eliminates the need for any additional quality assurance.

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