Online Applications Save Time and Money

RockSCAN Online for Free & Reduced Meal Applications ensures your received applications are complete & compliant. Taking approximately 10 seconds per application for the USDA required review, RocketSCAN Online significantly accelerates the determination process. 

This web-based application form will not allow submission of a noncompliant, incomplete, or incorrectly filled out application.

Online application filing adheres to guidelines set by the USDA and your state. The process mirrors your state-approved application and follows your district specific business rules.

  • Able to process up to 3600 applications/person/day
  • Update applications on the fly: adding, changing & moving data during validation
  • Premier services including yearly development of new applications
  • Free RocketSCAN User Forum, which ensures success
  • 20x faster than manual entry
  • Automatically checks for current student numbers, valid SNAP/TANF numbers, preparer’s SSN & foster child status
  • Improve your audit results with improved accuracy, comprehensive audit CDs & enhanced documentation with our “sticky note” history feature (included at no extra charge)
  • Uses RocketSCAN’s exclusive Intelligent Name Recognition (INR) technology
  • Affordable for districts of all sizes
  • Bundled solution, no hidden charges
  • In most cases pays for itself with the 1st year of use in labor savings alone!

RocketScan Online Features

  • Hosted on school districts servers or optional web based hosting
  • Complies with digital signatures guidelines
  • Automatically looks up the student number – No need to manually write the number on the application before scanning
  • Permanently stores all meal applications:
    • Stores current & all prior year applications on your server
    • Eliminates the need to sort & file paper applications
  • Displays all previous meal applications for each student.
  • Unlimited licensing means you can install RocketScan on as many computers as you need.
  • Applies all USDA/DOE rules:
    • Insures foster children are a household of one
    • Checks for valid student numbers for all children
    • Checks for valid SNAP/TANF numbers
    • Verifies household member count
    • Checks for valid social security numbers for all non-TANF/SNAP applications
    • Flags zero-income applications
    • Checks for adult signature
  • Tracks all income applications:
    • View incomplete applications
    • Create reports listing incomplete applications
    • Allows electronic “sticky notes” to be placed on applications to track remedial activity
  • Extensive application search capability. Search by:
    • student first/last name or number
    • guardian name or social security number
    • scan batch on date
  • Powerful reporting capabilities, create your own reports on:
  • Applications processed
  • Completed applications
  • Applications containing errors
  • Applications with new students
  • Students with multiple applications

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