Administrator Training

The RocketScan Administrator Course is designed to provide qualified personnel with the basic training necessary to use all of the RocketScan’s standard and advanced features. In this course we’ll cover the basic knowledge needed for RocketScan Operator Duties, including scanning, ICR verification, hold queue processing, running reports, data import and image/data export. 

The advanced instruction includes configuring scanner controls for optimal quality, adding users and configuring privileges, configuring Mission Control and configuring DTS settings for IT Technical Personnel to be able to describe in detail all RocketScan FMA components and their optimal distribution in an IT environment.

The instructor led group-paced training consists of presentation, demonstration and hands-on exercises utilizing the actual software in a representative environment. Instructor and student guides contain measurable objectives for each topic, top-level outlines with space suitable for notes, hands-on exercise instructions, references, help topics used to create the lesson topic, demonstration procedures (instructor guide only) and self-check quizzes. Written and performance exams are administered for the purpose of evaluating personnel proficiency, curriculum effectiveness and certifying staff for technical support.

Intended Audience: For current RocketScan customers who would like an in-depth training: Approximate time: two business days (includes breaks).