Community Service Manager

Track Student Community Service without the Hassle

Many high schools require that their students perform meaningful community service as a graduation requirement. They struggle with tracking how meaningful the volunteering was, and how much time was served, by using email, paper forms, sticky notes, etc. Guidance counselors, teachers and school administrators all want an easy way to manage student submissions without the manual processing headaches and anxious students lining up in their office at the end of the year.

Making Community Service a School Staple vs. a “Box to be Checked Off”

Community Service Manager from Image One is a cloud solution that streamlines the submission, review and reporting of student community service. Students simply enter their community service projects and hours into an online form along with photos of their service for proof. Student submissions then go into a queue for review and approval by the guidance counselor and/or teacher. Excel-based reports are generated with the click of a mouse to clearly show the amount of community service hours performed by each student and if their graduation requirements have been fulfilled.

Community Service Manager also allows nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity and A Woman’s Place to post volunteering opportunities for students.

Guidance Counselor Functionality

Community Service Manager allows guidance counselors to perform the following:

  • Add, edit and delete teachers and students
  • Assigns themselves students by creating a new student or importing
  • Defines requirements for each student, including hours
  • Downloads a list of students with their times
  • Receives email alerts set-up by the teacher


  • Guidance counselors can upload Excel spreadsheets with student names, IDs, etc.
  • The import process generates accounts with a default password
  • When a student logs in for the first time, they will be asked to change their password and enter some additional information such as email address


  • Guidance counselors can export a list of students with their reported times to Excel

How It Works

Currently, students find out about service opportunities through their school bulletin, announcements or their own research. With Community Service Manager, current service connections – as well as other local non-profit organizations – will now have the administrative ability to post their opportunities directly to the website for students to sign up for. Streamlining the process of finding service events will not only relieve current time commitments for the school’s service coordinator, but will guarantee that students are participating in the most meaningful service events available.

As mentioned above, a “verified service opportunity” is an event posted by an established service organization. When a student signs up for an event on Community Service Manager, their Service Completion Status will begin pending. The service coordinator has the ability to verify the student’s attendance upon completion of the event, which will automatically log the student’s completed service hours. These completed and verified service hours will be available to students and parents for future reference, and also provide students with a feature to add reflections or photos from the event.

For high school service coordinators, Community Service Manager grants administrative access to monitor student service, send reminder/warning emails and much more. This is intended to provide the service coordinator with the ability to monitor student service without needing to be involved so deeply in the process. Lastly, the site has full security features and excel capabilities for convenient importing/exporting.

Students also have the ability to:

  • Share parental viewership of service
  • Create and coordinate their own service project (for which other students can sign up for)
  • Share events, reflections and photos to Facebook
  • Review their progress
  • View scholarships that certain hours qualify them for

School Administrators also have the ability to:

  • Send automated warning emails to students that are behind
  • Reject service opportunities from unverifiable sources
  • Reject student hours that fall outside of guidelines


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