5 Reasons to Have Us Print Your Meal Applications

Food & Nutrition Services professionals at 250 school districts around the country know RocketScan for streamlining the processing of free and reduced meal applications. Fewer know that they can also count on us to print their application forms, and you don’t need to be a RocketScan user to do so.

Here are five reasons to take advantage of our free and reduced meal design and printing service, which can also be used for any other type of form you need.

We Know Your State’s Requirements

By serving hundreds of school districts across every state in the union, we know the following:

  • All state statutes and USDA requirements (even when last-minute changes are made)
  • The information your forms need to gather
  • What needs to be printed on both sides of your forms to be compliant

Our Forms Are OCR & ICR-Friendly

If you scan your forms (or have us do so), we ensure that the forms we provide are optimized for both machine print OCR (optical character recognition) and handprint ICR (intelligent character recognition). This automates more information capture and reduces manual entry.

We Fully Customize Your Forms

We will customize your forms with your school district’s brand identity, all contact information (including TTY) and anything else you need to include.

We Offer Free Translation Services

We’ve translated hundreds of meal applications into a multitude of languages, and can handle any language you need. English and Spanish are standard.

We Offer Competitive Pricing

We’ve printed over 1 million pieces, so we get lower pricing than most schools and is why we can offer very competitive pricing for you, whether you need standard 8.5″ x 11″ printing, 11.5″ x 17″ with perforated separation, or anything else. We also print a lot of emergency cards and parent correspondence.

Get a Quote Today

Contact us to let you know what you need so we can show you how cost-effectively we can eliminate all of your form printing headaches.

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